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A trusted, outsourced payroll solution guaranteed to save you time & money.

UK based and always at the end of the phone.

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Peace of mind that your payroll is legislatively compliant and your employees are paid on time, every time


Departmental policy & procedure construction, payroll advice, benefit reviews & more


Advanced scheduling, workforce management and automated labour compliance from Workforce.com


Choose a plan to suit your business's payroll needs and arrange a 30-minute scoping call to get you started.

Expert advice, value for money & a dedicated UK based account manager to guide you through our payroll management services .



Perfect for smaller businesses

Payroll Calculation

Pension Auto Enrolment

 Streamlined HMRC Returns

Tax Code Management

PDF or Excel Payroll Summary

Emailed Payslips

Emailed P30 for PAYE

Consistent Pricing System

FREE Setup




Enabling businesses to improve efficiency & automate 

Everything in Rise +

Automated Pension Upload

Employee Self Service App

Automated Journal to Your Accounting Software via API

Full PAYE Reconciliation 

Employer Portal 

FREE VIP Specialised Advice


Add Employee payments for 

£2.00 per employee*



Providing the ultimate fully managed solution

Everything in Rise & Scale +

Annual Leave Management Tool

HR Document Storage Portal

Employee Payment via Modulr

HMRC Payment via Modulr

10% discount on consulting






Add a payroll compliance review for £129.99

*Plans subject to £39.95 minimum charge per period


"It was my first time employing staff for my business. The accounts & PAYE really scared me. Your Payroll Manager UK talked me through everything & made payroll outsourcing so easy. They explained everything in simple terms & I can contact them with any queries any time. They always do their best to help in any way possible and have even helped my staff with any issues they’ve had. I really couldn’t run my business without them"

—  CB, Managed Payroll Client


Welcome to your new cost-friendly, transparent outsourced payroll service with in-house benefits. Your dashboard and app ensures you have everything you need at the touch of a button

Cloud Based Employer Portal

24/7 access via the app or online dashboard provides you with payroll reports, HMRC payments, employee payslips & personal information we hold on demand

Streamlined Data Transmission & Approval

Secure data entry, including new employee’s & variable payments transmitted directly to YPM. With easy payroll approval completed via the employer dashboard.

Employee Self Service

Every employee has instant access to payslips, P60’s & P45’s and are able to request leave 24/7, reducing queries and promoting efficiency. 

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Secure HR Document Upload

Employee documents such as contracts, handbooks or letters available to be uploaded and stored on the portal with the ability to track engagement.

Specialist UK Based Advice

Each member of Team YPM loves payroll and are on hand to provide specialist trustworthy advice at no extra cost.

Empowering The People Helping You

Access to our portal can be provided to your trusted Accountant or HR Team to ensure your back-office function is seamless.




“I never got to speak directly with the payroll provider. The person running my payroll was overseas – I wish I could’ve just picked up the phone”

“Pricing was complex, we were constantly being charged extra and incurring hidden costs”

"I spent my time checking the accountants work and wondered why we paid so much to outsource payroll”

"Errors happened month-in, month-out and it caused so much tension within the team. A headache I could do without as a small business owner”

Have you uttered these words? We’ve taken the payroll pain away from our clients, so you will never experience issues and can be confident in your outsourced payroll provider.

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Cost-Friendly & By Your Side...

YPM believe in trustworthy advice, transparent pricing, and being part of your team. Think of us as being in the next office. Our friendly Gloucestershire & Bristol based team are only a call away..

Team work

Not Just Payroll....

We partner with specially chosen Accountants, Bookkeepers, HR Pro's & Virtual Assistants UK. wide. Whether you have 1 or 500 employee we can offer you the whole back office solution under one roof.


Always Bespoke...

We know that every business is different, so we take pride in getting to know you and your business so we can provide payroll services tailored to your needs.


Ready to find out how we can take your business to the next level?

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