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Payroll Team

Managed Payroll Services & Solutions



per employee, per payroll

(Subject to a £39.95 minimum payroll charge)

100% PAIN

A YPM managed payroll &

pension solution takes the

complexities of payroll out of your hands,

ensures compliance and lets you get on

with the bigger challenges your

business has to offer. 

Your Time Saver

Save up to 20 hours a month by outsourcing to YourPayrollManager. Our streamlined, online payroll services handle all documentation, data and compliance. And our friendly staff handle all employee queries, so you don’t need to.

 Your Money Saver

Cut your monthly payroll outsourcing cost by up to 40%. If you’re paying more than £6.95 per employee per payslip, you may be overpaying.  

 Your Life Saver

In 2020 YPM paid 100% payrolls correctly and filed 100% HMRC & pension submissions on time. our payroll services keep your payroll fast, cost efficient and right first time. We set up monthly check ins with you so we can nip any issues in the bud.

Your Payroll Manager

YPM's 100% track record in accuracy and efficiency saves you money and time. And keep your staff happy too.



Our Managed Payroll Services offer Pain Free journaling directly from our payroll system to yours.  Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Sage and more, allow us to create wages journals from your finalised pay slips, within second of you confirming your payroll.


See your entire payroll on the portal. 

View every aspect of your payroll in real-time. Our online portal provides 100% back up of personal and commercially sensitive information and it’s 100% secure: giving you and your employees peace of mind and the flexibility needed for remote working environments.


Fed up of keying in payroll bank data?

Check out how our payment solution from Modulr can help streamline the process, keep you secure &. eliminate costly payroll errors.

They have been a life saver, taking full ownership of payroll challenges. Payroll with a personal touch and true attention to detail


We have all of your Auto-Enrollment pensions needs covered. From Scheme Setup, to pension re-enrolment & ongoing management. We can load your files to pension providers such as Nest Pensions, The Peoples Pension, Smart Pension & Aviva within minutes of your payroll approval. 

We can even provide £200 setup discount off of People Pension.

Payrol Plans


Choose a flexible plan to suit your  payroll needs and arrange a 30-minute scoping call to get you started.

Expert advice, value for money & a dedicated UK based account manager to guide you through our payroll management services .



Perfect for smaller businesses

Payroll Calculation

Pension Auto Enrolment

 Streamlined HMRC Returns

Tax Code Management

PDF or Excel Payroll Summary

Emailed Payslips

Emailed P30 for PAYE

Consistent Pricing System

FREE Setup




Enabling businesses to improve efficiency & automate 

Everything in Rise +

Automated Pension Upload

Employee Self Service App

Automated Journal to Your Accounting Software via API

Full PAYE Reconciliation 

Employer Portal 

FREE VIP Specialised Advice


Add Employee payments for 

£2.00 per employee*



Providing the ultimate fully managed solution

Everything in Rise & Scale +

Annual Leave Management Tool

HR Document Storage Portal

Employee Payment via Modulr

HMRC Payment via Modulr

10% discount on consulting






Add a payroll compliance review for £129.99

*Plans subject to £39.95 minimum charge per period

30 day MONEY BACK guarantee
What's there to lose?

Get in Touch To Make
Your Payroll 100% PAIN FREE
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