Team Meeting

Payroll Consultancy

We offer Payroll Consulting for small medium enterprises running payroll in-house, including:



Following a free scoping session. 

Affordable for all size of business,

big or small.

Payroll departmental process review

To ensure your Payroll department is running as smooth as possible and keeping up with audit requirements. Whether you have one administrator or a whole team, we can review processes, & paperwork ensuring you will surpass auditors’ expectations.

Company Policy Creation & Employee Q&A’s

Where employee welfare is the core of your business, we can create and tailor policies and Q&A’s to your company’s needs. Whether this be company absence policies such as Maternity & Sickness, or Cycle 2 Work and other reward packages. 

Payroll Advice

Are you unsure as to whether you have been processing something correctly? If so, we can impartially review and advise on best practices.

Financial Education

Has an employee ever asked a question you couldn’t answer? We offer a financial education package to educate employees and all things payroll. This includes tax, tax allowance, national insurance, pensions and P11D benefits and can be delivered in a streamlined 1-hour session fulfilling CSR goals. While this is extremely effective with age groups between 16 & 30, all employees can benefit from our sessions.