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Why You Still Need Customer Service in the Automated Age!

With technology advancing at a rapid rate In the world of payroll outsourcing, it can often feel like customer service is a thing of the past. Automated systems and processes are the norm, and it can be hard to get a human on the line to answer your questions or address any issues you may have due to the plethora of Chatbots making their way into the market. But don’t worry—customer service is still alive and well at Your Payroll manager UK, and we’re here to tell you why it matters so much.


The Importance of Customer Service

Customer service is essential when it comes to payroll outsourcing for many reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that there is a line of communication between you and your provider.. we all need a friend from time to time to discuss challenges and drive effective change.

A key benefit of solid customer service is having a human being on hand when something goes wrong. Often you need to be able to get in touch with someone who can help you fix things quickly. Without that solid customer service, you could be left waiting around for days or weeks without resolution.

The Human Touch is Essential for Difficult Situations & Change

Let’s talk advice. Each business is different and has its quirks (I know we certainly do). Having access to a qualified account manager who understands not only the legislation, but you as a business can provide invaluable insights and advice to help you to manage change and streamline your processes in a way which suits your business.

On the flip side, automated chatbots might be able to handle basic inquiries but they aren’t equipped to deal with complex or difficult situations. These types of scenarios require empathy and understanding — something that only humans can provide. Even if an automated chatbot can offer an accurate solution, it does not understand the intricacies of your business and may not be guiding you in the right direction.

Strong Relationships Can Help Identify Problems Before They Happen

Finally, having access to real people can help identify problems before they happen. For example, payroll legislation is constantly changing and can lead to clients being caught out. Our relationship with our clients allows us to understand their current processes, explain future changes and ensure they are compliant.


At the end of the day, customer service matters when it comes to payroll outsourcing because it helps ensure that both parties are working together towards achieving their goals efficiently and effectively. Automation has its place in any modern business but having access to people who understand your unique situation makes all the difference when things don't go according to plan.

If you’re looking at changing payroll provider, make sure they have an experienced team ready and willing to help should any issues arise during your partnership!

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