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The Key Benefits of Time & Attendance Systems in the Hospitality industry

If you own a business in the hospitality industry, then chances are you’ve experienced the struggles of managing labour costs. After all, it can be challenging to staff up during peak times while still keeping your budget in check. But what if there were an easier way to get control over labour costs? It turns out that automated time tracking systems can help! Let’s look at how using a time & attendance system such as can help hospitality businesses stay efficient and cost-effective.


The Benefits of Automated Time Tracking

With automated time tracking, it’s easy to set up shifts that adjust to fluctuating demands associated with seasonality or special events. This allows you to have just the right number of people working at any given time, eliminating wasted labour and reducing overtime costs. Automating time tracking means that you don’t have to worry about manual paper timesheets or worry about employee fraud. Your data is accurate and up-to-date so that you always know exactly how much money is going out for payroll each week. Our go-to system is and we’d advise anyone looking to automate, to seriously check out these guys.

Another benefit of using automated time tracking is its ability to simplify compliance. Keeping accurate records of hours worked helps ensure that you pay employees correctly and on-time. In addition, it will help protect against wage theft claims or other legal issues such as National Minimum Wage breaches or working outside of visa restrictions – these mistakes are costly.

You can even use automated time tracking as part of a comprehensive strategy for managing overall labour costs in your pub or restaurant. With an effective system, you will have visibility into where your money is going and be able to identify areas where there might be opportunities for improvement or cost savings.

Finally, automated time tracking has the potential to improve employee morale by giving employees more control over their schedules, and allowing them more flexibility when it comes to planning their work days or weeks ahead of time. Your employees will appreciate knowing exactly how much they are being paid for their work each week, without having to worry about discrepancies due to human error. Manually entering hours worked into a spreadsheet or other form of paper record keeping system simply doesn’t cut the mustard.


Time & attendance systems offer a wealth of benefits when used as part of a comprehensive strategy for managing overall labour costs in the hospitality industry. By setting up automated time tracking that adjusts to fluctuating demands associated with seasonality or special events, businesses can easily adjust staffing levels accordingly for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. These systems can help simplify compliance, while also potentially improving employee morale by giving them more flexibility over their schedules and eliminating potential discrepancies caused by manual entry errors due to human error. All in all, there are plenty of reasons why businesses should consider investing in an automated time & attendance system!

Next time you're wondering how to streamline your labour costs, remember that a reliable time & attendance system and outsourcing payroll services are viable solutions.

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